Inspired By: Fall Fashion Magazines

Let’s face it. Fall is sexy. Rich colors, pumpkin spice coffee, and that chill in the air that makes you want to snuggle up to someone. Or stay in bed all day canoodling with the larger than life September issues of your favorite fashion magazines. Both activities lead to what I call, “the season of lust.”

One of my favorite traditions is the “lust board” that I create after an intensive study of all the fall fashion issues. I just go through and pull out any of the pages that make me want to run to the store and get a particular look. This season seemed to be all about the return of the bombshell, evidenced by some of the following items that made it to my lust list and inspired my “look of the day.”

1. Drew Barrymore’s vibrant red locks in the Cover Girl ads
2. Kate Winslet’s bombshell turn as the new spokesperson for St. John (I blogged previously about my crush on Miss Kate)
3. The black and white trend (this works for me, as I’m a New Yorker and my entire closet is black)
4. Overall Hollywood style glamour with red lips, cinched waists and curvy hips. Yes, hips seem to be back in style!
5. Bold eyes: serious eyeliner, serious color

So, after getting all my fall and winter clothes out of storage (another favorite tradition), I realized that I had most of the trends already in stock. The grey London Times dress I just recently purchased for an audition.


The black & white necklace is actually two of the same necklaces that I bought years ago at New York & Company. My treasured purple Michael Kors Hamilton Tote adds a pop of much needed color. Speaking of color, the lipstick is Elizabeth Arden’s Exceptional Lipstick in the appropriately titled “Autumn.”


And then of course, there’s the shoes. I purchased these gorgeous stilettos at the Fendi outlet shop at Woodbury Commons – half-price and worth every penny.
So, I was pleased to find that I already had a head start on some of the trends in fall fashion this year. The only items I really need to purchase are fall boots. The annual shopping for the fall boots tradition is another one of my favorites. And when it comes to how I feel about boots, lust doesn’t even begin to describe it.
I’d better go find someone to canoodle with soon.


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