Now that I’ve had time to peruse and dissect the fall fashion magazines, I have to say that for the first time in my life, I don’t feel the need to lose 10 pounds to look glamorous. I’d like to thank Kate Winslet for that.

Kate’s St. John campaign is just stunning, and I must admit, it’s caused a serious girl crush. I adore Kate as an actress, but the fact that she’s so outspoken about the unrealistic expectations of women in the fashion and film industry just makes me love her even more.

For those of us who weren’t born genetically gifted and destined to be over 5’10” tall, seeing fall fashion ad campaigns featuring curvy women like Kate, Christina Hendricks and Jennifer Lopez gives us women with hourglass figures hope. A sense of “hey, I could wear a dress like that and look fabulous too!”

(See my “Kate inspired” look to the right, a vintage Bill Blass wool dress paired with a gorgeous bib necklace.)

Watching most runway shows, the only sense I get is that I need to go to the bathroom and purge what I’ve eaten for the last five years and then stretch myself out on some type of barbaric apparatus that can add about 5 more inches to the length of my legs.Although I’m 5′ 6″, which is not really considered short, I do have short legs that I inherited from my petite 5″ tall mother (whom I look exactly alike in the Instagrammed 60’s style photo above.)

I will never have skinny little stick legs, and after reviewing some of the glorious ad campaigns targeted to us “average” women, I’m not sure I even want stick legs anymore.

Thank you Kate. Call me.

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