It All Starts With the Shoes…

I love getting dressed. I can never just “throw something on,” much to my significant other’s dismay. There is a long creative process involved, and for me, it all starts with the shoes.

Whether it’s for a night on the town or a trip to the grocery store, I always select the shoes I’m going to wear first and build the look from there.

Slipping on a certain pair of shoes can elevate your mood as well as your stature. So depending on how I’m feeling and where I’m going, I scan my collection until I find a pair that suits the moment. I also check with said significant other regarding plans for the evening and how far I’m expected to actually walk in my elevated state.

Some shoes are designated “limo shoes,” which means they can only be worn if I only have to walk a few steps to awaiting transportation (be it car, cab, train, horse, etc.) and then only a few more steps into selected destination where I can immediately sit. The shoes in the photo are definitely limo shoes and they are so beautiful that they’re reserved for special occasions. (I actually got them at a thrift store in Birmingham, Alabama for $19 if you can believe that.)

Of course, the significant other prefers that I wear comfortable shoes whenever we go out because he knows how pissy I get when my feet hurt. However, he never seems to complain when I’m walking around the house wearing just my chosen stilettos and a robe. Perhaps in addition to “limo shoes” I should add a new category (and a new meaning) for the term “house shoes.”

Beautiful shoes are works of art, so it’s fitting that they become my canvas when creating an outfit.

What about you? What’s your starting point/inspiration when getting dressed?

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