Discontinued? WTF???

We all have a few things that we think we just can’t live without. We’re loyal to our brands, aren’t we? In return, you’d think they’d be loyal to us as well. What do you do when an item that’s on your “cannot live without” list is discontinued?

I’m having that dilemma now. For the longest time, I have been obsessed with Bath & Body Work’s Tranquil Mint Body Scrub. It replaced the very expensive and indulgent Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish I had been using for years. But with a price tag of $65 and the fact that I was going through a jar a week, I had to curb my enthusiasm, so to speak.
Needless to say, I was thrilled when I stumbled upon the Tranquil Mint version. At only $16, I could buy it in bulk. On my last visit to Bath & Body Works, the poor unsuspecting salesman was not prepared for my reaction when he told me my beloved body scrub had been “discontinued.” WTF? (which was exactly what I said, and then quickly apologized, knowing it wasn’t his fault that some consumer market test had determined my obsession irrelevant).
He quickly tried to offer me the “Eucalyptus Spearmint” version which I scoffed at. Funny though, because I love the Eucalyptus Spearmint candles, but not the body scrub. I’m weird that way. I’m weird lots of ways apparently.
So, while I go through the grieving stage over the loss of my scrub, please share with me any stories you have of your favorites being “discontinued.” Did you run to eBay and order as many replacements as you could find? Were you like Elaine in that Seinfeld episode where she went to every drug store to find the Today Sponge? Please share. And please share any suggestions for a new body scrub before I take out a loan to buy a case of Brown Sugar Body Polish.


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