Street Festival Finds

One of the greatest things about living in New York is that glorious Spring day when you’re walking up Amsterdam Avenue and just happen to stumble upon a street fair. This happened to me last Sunday.

My initial reaction upon stumbling upon any street fair is to make a run for the nearest Mozzarepa stand. If you’ve never had a mozzarepa, you don’t know what you’re missing. Here’s a recipe.

So, once you make it past the mozzarepas, fried oreos and funnel cakes, you might be surprised at the fantastic bargains and unique treasures that await you. Once I scored a fabulous pair of $5.00 sunglasses that lasted me over four years. They were black plastic rectangular frames and I would constantly have people asking me if they were Gucci. They weren’t.

Another one of my favorite street festival finds was this necklace that I’m wearing in the photo with my friend Victoria. I bought it for $10 about five years. I wear it all the time and get tons of compliments on it. I even had one lady on the street stop me and offer me $100 for it. But it’s unique. And it’s mine. And I love it.

Aside from great sunglasses and unique jewelry, the hand made soaps from Sabon rock. If you can’t make it to a street festival, you can order from their website here. My favorites are the Shea Butter Olive Oil Soap and the Eucalyptus Olive Oil Soap.

My latest treasure from last Sunday’s stroll up Amsterdam is a beautiful silver necklace with a Murano Glass ball charm from Murano Artisans. There is no way to describe the intricate detail of these works of art, so see for yourself at And if you eat your mozzarepa while browsing their online store, it’ll almost be like you’re right there at the street festival. Can you smell the funnel cakes?

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